We provide the quality parts you need for your new and used trailers as well as parts for water trucks, dump trucks and wet kits. Whether you need specialty OEM parts for Load King, Smithco, Ranco, Retesa, CPS/Manac, Talbert, or other lowboy, bottom/end/side dump parts, our parts professionals have what you need to get your equipment working its best. While we specialize in construction we also have common parts for flatbed or box trailers including: trailer decking, load securing, undercarriage, suspension and more.

With a large variety of OEM and aftermarket parts in stock at our Salt Lake City location, we also have a large network of buying groups to aid in hard to find or out of stock parts. With weekly stock orders, we can fill most orders without down time. We can set your parts out on Will Call or drop ship parts directly to your location.




Western Truck & Trailer's Parts Department specializes in common, as well as, proprietary parts needed for construction-based trailers. Our staff is exceptionally knowledgeable and fully understands the dirt trailer business (even the tricks of the trade). With factory support from most major trailer manufacturers, our Parts Department has all your parts needs covered.

Parts are vital to continuous in-service operation of any vehicle, especially construction equipment working under a deadline. At Western Truck & Trailer Sales we take this seriously by investing in trained personnel to take your call and by stocking thousands of dollars in repair/replacement parts. Call one of our highly qualified parts technicians. They can, and will, help!




Order the parts you need today by calling us at 888-454-1287. We invest in keeping the parts you need on hand and ready for you. If we do not have the part  you need in stock, we will make every effort to obtain it and get the part shipped out to you ASAP. Delays on our end are unacceptable. We can even arrange for same day shipping if you have a piece of equipment down and not making money. We are absolutely committed to giving our customers the best parts and service experience. We want your equipment operational and earning.

You know the only way to stop repairs is to stop working. Equipment breaks, drivers forget to open their tarps before dumping their loads and every driver know that a locked up drum will free up if you just drag the tire far enough. We don't judge … we sell parts and repair equipment.

Call us for parts or to schedule an appointment: 888-454-1287
We will get you back on the road and making money.

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