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Western Truck & Trailer Sales

A Full Service Dealership

Serving the West with locations in North Las Vegas, Nevada and Salt Lake City, Utah. As a full service dealership we offer trailer equipment sales, purchasing, trade-ins, service, parts and financing. Founded in 1983 in Salt Lake City, we have grown into one of the leading equipment houses for construction trailers in the Western United States.



By the Book

Western Truck and Trailer Sales is a licensed and bonded dealer with physical addresses in both Utah and Nevada.

  • Utah Dealer Number #2078
  • Nevada Dealer Number #DLR000024190


The Importance of Brick Mortar

Why is this important??

Obviously we are stressing our infrastructure the, who we are the physical locations, the licensing, the bonding, the inventory, the parts, service personnel and that we take trade-ins.


Over the years it has become more difficult to become a licensed dealer. States have put more requirements on dealerships in an attempt to protect the consumer from fraud and unscrupulous transactions. Each item that has been brought up is for a simple reason.


LICENSING - is the states background check making sure that our organization is legitimate.

BONDING - dealerships are bonded as a method of guaranteeing that they will provide legal title to their customers and have a means to reimburse the customer should the title be unattainable.

INVENTORY - is a means of telling the strength of the dealership. Western Truck and Trailer Sales has inventory sitting on the ground. We have people who show up every day taking care of customers, selling equipment, answering questions, performing repairs, handling warranty issues, licensing equipment and conducting day to day business. We are not brokers, who try and sell other peoples equipment and play middle man. Nor do we lack the financial resources to take care of you if you have issues with your equipment.

TRADE-INS - another sign of financial strength. People who broker equipment and often smaller factories do not take trade-ins. It is simply not their business. They are after the quick sale and either are not in a position to take your trade or are not set up remarket your trade.

PARTS - an investment in customer service. As a dealership we have invested in both common parts that all trailers use as well as custom parts that are specific to our trailers. It is our job to help keep you on the road and making money. Having parts on hand is a measure of our commitment to the customer.

SERVICE - another measure of commitment to our customers that should their equipment break down that there is a source to get their equipment repaired.


Your Business Partner

We want your business

We want your business and we will do anything within the realm of good business practices to get it. Between us, our companies and our business partners we are set up to help you with virtually all aspects of your business. Equipment, custom products, parts, truck bodies and accessories, financing, lines of credit or insurance We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.



Western Truck & Trailer Sales Inc
1885 South 900 West Salt Lake City UT 84104
Phone: 888.454.1287 Fax: 801.466.9276
Toll Free Phone: 801.466.9276

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